Building the Lancashire and Yorkshire
Railway Hughes 4-6-4T


The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Hughes 4-6-4T was a class of steam locomotives that had great potential, but due to re-grouping it never appeared in great numbers. They were a 4-6-4T (tank engine) version of the L&YR Class 8 ("Dreadnought" Class 4-6-0). Martin Evans a prolific writer and designer of model locomotives produced a series on this L & Y Tank Engine in 3 ½ inch gauge for Model Engineer around 1998. The fortnightly articles caught RSMEE member Len Uffs eye, who decided to convert the drawings from Model Engineer to 5 inch gauge and commenced building around the turn of this century (2000). So began a project that to date has lasted 10 years and continues to progress year on year

Ted Talbot’s book ‘LNWR Eight-Coupled Goods Engines’ should be obtained from the library.  In my case my daughter located a copy on the interweb following a request on my Christmas list.




Starting with the frames the drawings were passed on to a company where they were laser cut.. The wheels were a different story as having hunted around for castings with the correct number of spokes proved impossible to source. However an answer to my quest came in the form of producing a set of patterns with drawings myself and visiting a local foundry where the wheels were cast.


The continuing project can be seen in the pictures that follow and we will be adding more as Len continues building.

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